Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

Luna Maya Bugil

Luna Maya Bugil. Global Warming. When was the wrath of human nature so be prepared led to widespread disaster. In various lines of life now we can actually feel the impact caused by the occurrence of Global Warming due to Greenhouse Effect, which in turn causes global climate change. This phenomenon, popularized by the intelligentsia and the press, in fact already shown symptoms since stepping on the millennium era. Momentum may initially we may witness in previous decades when the industrial revolution was heavily-incessant while with the more rapid levels of development of science and technology at that time. It is unfortunate and regrettable if the establishment in the field of science would damage the earth that became the foundation for this man and instead of getting maintain its sustainability. Is not this world bequeathed to us to maintain and preserve it, not even as good mengeksplotasinya heart without thinking about the negative impacts that will occur. So, how our attitude in dealing with this prolonged global conflict? How big is the threat that we face both now and later?